Our Work

Areas of Investment

The Children’s Fund of Connecticut has supported several key initiatives to help improve children’s health and mental health systems, policies and practice in Connecticut.

Advancing Innovation

The Children’s Fund provides financial support to local pediatric health and mental health care initiatives that have implications for statewide implementation and long-term improvement of direct practice, service systems and policy.

Examples of our work to advance and support health system innovation include the following.

Promoting Best Practices

The Children’s Fund supports the adoption of best practices in home, early care and education, health and mental health settings.

Examples of our work to develop and expand best practices include the following.

Promoting Professional Development

The Children’s Fund supports best practice training of those who care for children.

Examples of our investment in workforce development and training include the following.

Engaging Communities

For several years, the Children’s Fund of Connecticut (CFC) collaborated with the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund (WCGMF) and the Office of Early Childhood to award grants to communities as part of the larger WCGMF Discovery Initiative. This funding partnership with WCGMF lasted from 2008-2016.

Examples of our work supporting communities include:

  • Community Partnership Initiative
  • Early Child Health Data Initiative

Small Grants for Project Support

  • CT Commission on Children
  • Early Childhood Alliance
  • Family Support Network